iPhone 6 'Air' concept based on leaked schematic design looks quite real

1 April 2014, 6:34 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

After seeing a leaked schematic design for the iPhone 6 recently, one designer got to work and created a concept based on those schematics.

The visionary in question is Martin Hajek, and iPhoneclub first asked him to create a concept of the next-generation iPhone with an iPod Nano-like design. After that, French publication Nowhereelse, which leaked the schematic design, asked Hajek to use the leaked sketches to create a concept closer to the existing design of the current iPhone 5S.

As a result, we now have this design made by Martin Hajek in collaboration with Nowhereelse.

As many observers were against the square corners of previous iPhone concept, Hajek has returned to the familiar rounded corners of early iPhones with his latest design. As a rather odd twist, this concept design also brings back the glass rear casing, which many found too fragile. This time, however, the handset is covered in sapphire glass, which is said to be more durable.

The design also brings back the single rocker volume bar found on earlier iPhones, instead of the two-button setup found on newer iterations. When it comes to the gold version of the iPhone, meanwhile, Hajek has an intriguing vision, making the smartphone with a white casing and just the edges painted in gold.

The thinness of the iPhone 6 in this concept design, meanwhile, may not be very close to reality, but it does look pretty good. Moreover, if Apple does go for a larger form factor, as current rumors suggest, it may be able to cut into the device's depth by packing a thinner battery.

Keep in mind, however, that this is just a concept design, and it's based on a schematic design that may well be bogus. There's no way to determine the accuracy of those leaked schematics, and there's a good chance that those sketches are not real. Nonetheless, the concept that Hajek envisioned may be quite close to the real deal.

Apple is widely expected to launch at least one iPhone with a larger screen this year, although the most prominent rumor suggests that it will release two large-screen iPhone 6 models. As always with leaks, rumors, and concepts, however, remember to treat them accordingly.

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