'Horizon Zero Dawn' Similar Gameplay & Features with 'Rise of Tomb Raider;' Game will Come in Stunning Landscapes & Vibrant Color

6 February 2017, 3:30 am EST By Viona Mobile & Apps
The Dutch studio, Guerrilla will release its new game entitled “Horizon Zero Dawn.” The title will be a vast, open-world adventure, allowing players to explore the massive and beautiful game world.  ( DERZKIY GAMER )

"Horizon Zero Dawn" is a lush, vibrant game set in a world recovering from a near extinction-level event. Although this game is an open-world adventure, gamers can feel that this Guerilla's new title is a story-driven one.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" has similarity to "Rise of Tomb Raider" gameplay, offering gamers a vast green world to explore, harvest resources, and enhance survival skills, including a great main story. Unlike the other open-world adventure titles, "Horizon Zero Dawn" will make players feel the importance of continuing the main story as if it's a natural part of the gaming experiences.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" invites players to play as Aloy, a young woman living in the wreckage of some mysterious disaster that throw mankind back to the days of animal skin outfits and bows. The remnants of mankind, though, have left behind a variety breeds of mechanical beasts, which, Aloy hunts and harvests for valuable parts. Later on, Aloy will use these scraps to make weapons and armors.

Aloy lives with her adopted father, Rost as outcasts from the Nora Tribe. As outcasts, there are forbidden to speak with or interact with the other tribes. The main story plot of "Horizon Zero Dawn" is to find out what Aloy and Rost, each, did to end up as outcasts, along with the larger mystery of the calamity that befell humanity in the past and the reason why the mechanical animals remain, as reported by the verge.

According to the polygon, "Horizon Zero Dawn" will come to Playstation 4 on February 28, 2017. This open-world adventure title allows gamers to lose themselves for a dozen of hours: foraging scraps and upgrading gears while hunting down dozens of types of mechanical animals.

There are also vast amounts of quests and errands that players can do. The beauty and the mysteries inside "Horizon Zero Dawn" world will make this title become the most anticipated open-world adventure game in 2017.

See the video below for the gameplay of "Horizon Zero Dawn" and be amazed at the beautiful background of this game world. Share your comment blow if you're looking forward to this game.

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