‘Geometry Dash World’ Cheats & Tricks: Secret To Getting Best Score And Entering The Treasure Room

4 January 2017, 6:00 am EST By Charmaine Montes Mobile & Apps
The secret to "Geometry Dash World" is to keep practicing.  ( EricVanWilderman/YouTube )

"Geometry Dash" developer RobTop Games released last month another expansion app of their game and this time it's titled "Geometry Dash World." Available for iOS and Android, the new version brings a whole new adventure with new levels, music, monsters and much more. But in order to be the best gamer there is, one will have to take note some of the cheats, trick, and strategies to getting to the top.

According to a report, "Geometry Dash World" is a game of split-second reactions, which means one false move and the game will end. But there are some skills that gamers can learn to maximize fun in the game and to avert failing too much.

The first thing to learn in "Geometry Dash World" are the basics and that includes the music. While most gamers would turn down the volume, it's actually best to keep the beat up while playing. It doesn't make the player better in terms of skills but it definitely helps in keeping sync to the gameplay. The reason for this is because almost all of the jumps that the player makes are tied into the beat of the music that is being played.

Another tip in "Geometry Dash World" is to figure out the moves. Gamers can break down the level into little sections and then adding more as the player slowly learn them. Holding down a jump will also fling gamers farther compared to simply tapping. The key is to remember that each jump has its own timing. And to get the best scores, the secret is to keep practicing. Make use of the practice modes to adjust and learn what to do before jumping into the scoring sections.

iDigitalTimes also detailed a cheat on entering the treasure room in "Geometry Dash World." The first thing that players must do is to go to the home screen of the game. Next, click the Tools menu and at the lower right-hand corner of the screen, tap the purple door with a skull. The Keymaster will appear at this point and he will decide if you can enter or not.

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