'No Man's Sky' Update Coming; What to Do to Make NMS a Decent Game While Waiting

9 January 2017, 10:16 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps
Gaming analyst claim the next update for "No Man's Sky" could release in March.   ( PlayStation/YouTube )

"No Man's Sky" is slowly crawling into what the game is supposed to be and new update is possible after Steam version developer branch made unknown changes. "No Man's Sky" received a foundation update 1.1 which is welcome development for disgruntled players. The addition of Base-bulding, farming, creative and survival modes are what made "No Man's Sky" look and play better.

Last update for "No Man's Sky" Steam was made 3 days ago and registered the change at around 1:00 PM of Jan. 7. If this "No Man's Sky" update is indeed a follow up to foundation update, another better game might be looming since disastrous Aug. 12 release last year.

Here is the catch; "No Man's Sky" have no idea yet about this update if it is a minor patch or another big game changer similar to foundation update. However, PrimaGames presented some idea on what gamers should do in "No Man's Sky" for the meantime while waiting. Mind you, there are too many but they are all viable.

Play "No Man's Sky" and feel alone - simply because those who are exploring the universe have no means of checking or peeking into others' works. This is an urban legend because players can use Atlas to check n the database of discoveries. "No Man's Sky" lists these break down of thousands of aliens and planets that might tickle the imagination to do the same.

Another negative feedback about "No Man's Sky" is lack of combative gameplay, but hey, players can wreck havoc if they want. One thing to consider is taking the role of Sentinel hunter in which players can jump from planet to planet with intent of eradicating these scavengers. In fact, the more our "No Man's Sky" attack these random menace, the more they will retaliate.

Two must-do in "No Man's Sky" until the game shapes up into something players covet. These present an opportunity to make "No Man's Sky" fun if not exciting until Hello Games picked up their trail to improvement.

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