Nintendo NES Classic Edition: Someone Built A Hybrid Of The Game Boy And The FamiCom Mini

10 January 2017, 6:49 am EST By Jackie Villegas Mobile & Apps
Modders created a mash-up of Nintendo's Game Boy and NES Classic Edition.  ( KEI STUDIO/YouTube screenshot )

Japan's Kei Studio has created a Frankenstein-ish version of the NES Classic Edition. The models took a FamiCom Mini, the Japanese version of the NES Classic, gutted it, and placed its insides in the shell of a Game Boy.

While many have fiddled with the NES Classic Edition since it was released by Nintendo in late 2016, this is perhaps the most unique hack of the in-demand video game console yet. Since the NES Classic Edition dropped, many Nintendo fans have been wondering about which retro video game console will be the next to get a modern mini replica. Instead of waiting for Nintendo to come out with a Game Boy Classic Edition, Kei Studios have made their own using Game Boy hardware and the internal parts of the NES Classic Edition. Depending on how fans look at it, the end product can be taken as either a tinier Game Boy (a Game Boy Classic Edition?) or a tinier FamiCom Mini.

In a lengthy step-by-step video guide, the modders broke down the process of modifying the Game Boy/FamiCom Mini. While the video is in Japanese, there are English subtitles so fans stateside can also attempt to recreate the project on their own. The detailed process is also on the Kei Studio website for anyone interested. However, it should be noted that amateurs should proceed with caution lest they end up breaking either or both of the consoles, both of which are highly in-demand.

Game Boy fans should note that the end product doesn't play Game Boy games. This is really for NES and FamiCom fans, who can now play NES and FamiCom games via a portable handheld device and on a 3.5-inch LCD display, a major upgrade over the original Game Boy screen.

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