'Shadowblood' ARPG Dungeon Crawler Launches for Android and iOS This Month [VIDEO]

10 January 2017, 6:43 am EST By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps
'Shadowblood' combines different elements of RPG, dungeon crawler, and hack and slash video games into one title that will be coming for free for iOS and Android.  ( YouTube/inigame tm )

The Korean mobile video game studio, UT+ Interactive is set to launch a brand new dark fantasy third person role playing game called "Shadowblood" within the month. The new mobile game combines different elements of RPG, dungeon crawler, and "hack and slash" video games into one title that will be coming for free for Android and iOS.

The new 3D graphics game plays similarly to epic dungeon crawlers such as "Torchlight" and "Diablo," but with the added advantage of being completely mobile. Players will also be able to select different character classes, namely Archer, Berserk, or Assassin. The game's developer has also revealed that players will be able to fight different types of enemies as they make their way to a story campaign that contains over 100 levels.

Aside from the main story campaign, players will also be able to access different game modes, including a Player-versus-Player (PvP) mode called the "Bloody Battlefield." There will also be a Raid mode, which can be played with other online players, where teams can battle different enemies and bosses to gain additional bonuses and loot.

Each character can be fully customized to fit the player's preference. Some of the items that can be changed and upgraded include a character's weapons, wings, and their overall costume. Each character is also equipped with different skill sets and abilities which can also be powered-up as the player progresses through the game's campaign.

UT+ Interactive is planning to officially launch "Shadowblood" for Android and iOS anytime this month. As an added bonus to interested players, a pre-registration program has been launched. Players who register early will be getting some exclusive in-game items and bonuses when the game is officially released. The studio, however, has not really outlined what the bonuses are, but players should take advantage of the promo while it's still active. As previously mentioned, the game will be available for free, but there will be some in-app purchases.

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