Recalled GoPro Karma Drone Issue Explained, Re-launch Could Threaten DJI Mavic Pro Supremacy [VIDEO]

10 January 2017, 6:41 am EST By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps
Nick Woodman of GoPro explains that the Karma Drone battery issue can be fixed with a piece of tape.   ( Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch )

GoPro Inc. was originally planning to change the world of drones and sports action cameras with the release of its Karma Drone product. Unfortunately, the company had to recall all of its drones just 16 days after it was launched back in November. Now, the CEO of the company, Nick Woodman, has revealed the main cause of the battery issue plaguing their products and explained that it can actually be fixed with a piece of tape.

Woodman had appeared on stage with TechCrunch at the recently held 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week and talked about his company and of the recalled Karma Drone. While the company did issue a massive recall for the Drones, Woodman revealed that the battery issue was simply caused by the mounting of the device's built-in battery.

The mechanical issue basically forces the battery pop out a few millimeters from where it's supposed to be, which then results in an all-out power failure in the drone. Woodman explained in the interview that those who still had not returned their drones can fix the problem themselves by just attaching a piece of tape to the battery to keep it from moving.

The company's recall of the Karma Drone had significantly affected the company's reputation as well as its stock prices. The recall allowed other companies and products, like the DJI Mavic Pro, to totally dominate the holiday buying season and the action camera drone market as a whole. Due to the recall, the company was forced to restructure itself, which resulted in 15 percent of their workforce to be laid off.

Despite this, Woodman explained that GoPro Inc. was still doing well as a company, even though it wasn't showing in its publicly-traded stock. They still have a lot of plans for the future, including the re-launch of the Karma Drone within the year.

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