Verizon Puts 200GB Limit on Unlimited Data, Violators To Be Moved to Fixed Data Plans

11 January 2017, 6:33 am EST By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps
Verizon Unlimited Data Plan holders using more than 200GB given an ultimatum.  ( Photo by Chris Hondros/Newsmakers )

Verizon, one of the biggest carriers in the country, has now made a move to slowly rid itself of customers who use an "extraordinary" amount of data on their unlimited plans. While the term "unlimited" continues to be contested by consumers, regulators, and carriers up to this day, Verizon seems to be inclined to limit that to just 200GB a month.

The notion of removing some extravagant data users is indicative of the company's recent letters to select customers who were outright asked to look for another provider should they not adhere to the company's "upgrade" plans. Last year, the company sent out notifications to some customers informing them that they would no longer be able to keep their unlimited data plans. The company had not specified what they meant by "extraordinary usage" back then, but reports are indicating that it was somewhere around 100GB.

The new letters, however, are more specific as Verizon announced that the number is actually now 200GB of usage. Customers who frequently hit that number on average were asked to select another plan on their The Verizon Plan and its data buckets by February 16. Customers who fail to apply for another data plan will apparently have their lines disconnected.

According to some Reddit threads and customer feedback, via Droid-Life, some customers who have alleged not been using that much data have received the notification to move away from their unlimited data plan as well. There is currently no explanation yet from Verizon why some customers who have allegedly not reached the 200GB limit are receiving the notice.

Several carriers are also expected to follow suit as some are already slowly moving away from its older unlimited data plans. The move, however, will be met with much resistance and legal hurdles. The majority will not be able to forcefully terminate their customers' contracts unless they have a clause for specific users who go beyond a set limit.

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