Nintendo NES Classic Edition News: Hackers Run Risk Of Bricking Gaming Console

11 January 2017, 6:13 am EST By Vittorio Hernandez Mobile & Apps
Some hackers are successful, while others encountered problems when they attempted to add more games to their Nintendo NES Classic Edition by following instructions made by a Russian hacker.  ( The Verge/YouTube )

A report that it is possible to add games to the 30 pre-loaded on the Nintendo NES Classic Edition excited gamers. Madmonkey, a Russian modder, hacked his Nintendo by using a custom toolkit to upload several ROMs.

He shared the technique online which was copied by some Nintendo NES Classic Edition owners. The hacking, the equivalent of a Konami code used with a USB device and some software, allowed some gamers to add “Battletoads,” “Metal Gear” and the whole “Mega Man” series to their mini console.

Bricking Is A Risk

However, Mashable warns that including games on the Nintendo NES Classic Edition that Nintendo did not intend for users to play runs the risk of bricking the console. Moving and uploading files between a computer and the NES could corrupt both devices.

On the legal side, if the hacker does it on his own NES Classic Edition using games he purchased, the first sale doctrine permits the owner to jailbreak the console in some instances, although it could still breach the ToS and warranty, Ryan Morrison, a lawyer with Morrison/Lee, explains. He reminds gamers not to download anything unlawfully hosted on the internet.

Virus Alert

There is also the risk of infecting the Nintendo NES Classic Edition with a virus, which some Redditors noticed on their computers after they scanned it using the custom tool needed to upload the ROMs. However, the virus turned out to be benign, one Redditor says.

According to Gizmodo, to begin the hack, the owner of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition must first save a file on the console in the “Super Mario Bros” first sole. The Nintendo is then connected to a computer with a micro-USB cable.

The gadget must be booted in “FEL” mode, a boot level mode in Linux, by pressing and holding the power button if the device is in an “off’ state. Then hold “reset” while holding the power button and run a “sunxi-FEL” interface on the computer. Remove files from the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, alter and return it to the console. To further help hackers, there is a YouTube tutorial how to add games to the console at your own risk.

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