‘Skyrim’ Special Edition 1.4 Updates [BETA]: Mods Specified; Load Order Menu & Error Messaging will be Fixed

6 February 2017, 3:30 am EST By Viona Mobile & Apps
Skyrim Special Edition 1.4 update cinematic gameplay  ( DadoBax - Gioco quindi sono )

"Skyrim" Special Edition 1.4 update will feature a category for mods, allowing players to sort their weapons based on the Highest Rated and Most Favorite one. In addition, a number of rating count trait is also added on Mods Browsing Menu.

Some other extra details that "Skyrim" Special Edition 1.4 update brings are a number of favorite count, latest version number, and notes, and required dependencies. Those three elements will be added to the Mods Details Page.

"Skyrim" Special Edition 1.4 update isn't only about the new features but also about multiple fixes that Bethesda will include in the update for improving the overall gameplay. There are, at least, 4 things that will be parked up through this update.

One of the fixes will revamp occasional crashes while scrolling Load Order Menu and the other three repairs will enhance general performance and stability improvements, upgrade Bethesda.net error messaging, and modify the reporting mod category, as reported by Christian post. The "Skyrim" Special Edition 1.4 updated version will definitely provide interesting new features and more enjoyment to gamers.

According to do gaming, Interested PC-Players can download this update [Beta] via Steam by logging in to their Steam account and right-clicking on "Skyrim" Special Edition in the game library. Gamers, next, can select settings, and then select Beta.

Once a drop-down menu is appeared, continued by selecting Beta again and click OK. It may take a few minutes for the game to renew the version. Once the 1.4 update is done, "Skyrim" Special Edition [Beta] should appear in the game library.

The full version of this newest "Skyrim" Special Edition 1.4 update is presently set to be released for Playstation 4 and Xbox One game versions sometime around next week. Stay tuned on MobilenApps for further information.

The video below contains the 1.4 updated version of "Skyrim" Special Edtion. Share your comment below if you think the update brings a good improvement to the game.

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