'Nioh' Plot & Gameplay: Four Different Combat Stances; Worldwide Released Date February 2017

6 February 2017, 5:52 am EST By Viona Mobile & Apps
“Nioh” is a new action/role-playing game developed by Team Ninja and will be published by Sony ( worldwide)/ Techmo Koei (Japan). It is set to launch worldwide on Playstation 4 platform tomorrow, on February 7, 2017.  ( MKIceAndFire/Youtube )

The game setting of "Nioh" takes place in Sengoku Era, Japan. Gamers can see the picturesque pagodas and the breathtaking view of Japan's countryside and landscape, giving kudos to Team Ninja for successfully bringing details to the background.

"Nioh" is a very challenging game that requires a long hour playtime. This game is often compared to "Dark Souls" and "Ninja Gaiden Black" video game. Many players claimed that the gameplay of this new action/role-playing game is almost similar to those titles mentioned before.

For the game plot, "Nioh" will center on the Queen of England who has a strong desire to have the Philosopher's stone on her hand while waging war against Spain in 1600s. Later on, the game will introduce players to the main character, William Adams (Based on a real-life person), who gets involve with government's conspiracy to capture "Amrita," a form of energy that has the power to rule the world. The last location of "Amrita" is predicted to be in Japan.

There are four stances in "Nioh' gameplay that Players can use, consisting of high, medium, low, and sheathed stances, all of which will modify the amount of Ki ( Stamina Meter) spent and the direction and the strength of the attack, , as reported by destructoid.

According to Polygon, "Nioh" requires players to be 100% focus to pull the game off. Most of the battles need gamers to use the right stances on the right time, failing to do so will stun-locked William Adams into a series of enemy's attacks. These series of attacks will drop William's health from full to dead in just a few hits.

Players that love playing a challenging game like "Devil May Cry" or "Assassin Creed" can consider including "Nioh" in their game collections. Gamers can decide themselves when the credit rolls, whether or not the game difficulty is well-balanced and worth their time.

See the video below for "Nioh" gameplay. Share you comment below if you think that this game worth playing.

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