Microsoft Surface Tablet: Why The Windows 8 RT Version is Better Than The Windows 8 Pro Version

24 August 2012, 10:01 am EDT By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Microsoft has big plans to release its Windows 8 based Surface tablet this year, and there is no doubt the Surface tablet will find success. As you may already know, there are two versions of the Surface, one that runs on Windows 8 RT, and the other, which is more powerful, runs on Windows 8 Pro. That said, only one version of the Surface will gain massive success, and we believe it could likely be the Windows 8 RT version.

The Surface is a tablet that is aimed at competing with the new Apple iPad and the plethora of Android based tablets out in the wild. The Windows 8 RT version of the Surface is perfect for this task, while the Window 8 Pro version is truly not needed. Want Windows 8 Pro? Get an Ultrabook, that's how we view things.

Below are our reasons why the Windows 8 RT version of the Surface will be successful, and why you should consider picking it up instead of the Pro version.

Windows 8 RT is For Tablets

Windows 8 RT is a tablet operating system, mainly because Legacy application will not work, but only those from the Windows Store. Because of this, users will be using more of the touch interface than the normal desktop UI. The normal UI is not built for touch, however, there are some elements there, but it is nothing compared to the tile interface.

With the Windows 8 Pro version of the Microsoft Surface, the device is now more than a tablet and there is nothing much that is wrong with that. However, we are right back at desktop UI again, which is not as touch friendly as the Tile interface. If you want a Windows 8 Pro device to do everything, it is best if an Ultrabook is purchased instead.

Size Matters

Because of the ARM processor inside the Windows 8 RT version of the Surface, the tablet will be considerably thinner and lighter. Compare both tablets side by side and you will realize what we are talking about. The RT version looks that more appealing.

Heat and Battery Life

This is where the Windows 8 RT Surface shines yet again, and shine brightly it does. The ARM CPU inside is much more efficient than the Intel i5 in the Pro. This makes for battery life comparable to the new iPad. One cannot say the same thing about the Pro Surface. Who wants a tablet in their hands or on their lap that is prone to some serious heat? No one, and that's another reason why the Windows 8 RT Surface is right for the tablet user.

Cheaper Pricing

The one thing that will see the RT version of the Surface rise to stardom, is its price. Expect the pricing to be similar to current tablets on the market, while the Pro version will be similar to that of an Ultrabook. Why pay Ultrabook money for a tablet when you can go out and purchase an Ultrabook for the same money that probably has more power inside?

After Windows 8 is launched, we expect many OEMs to release tablets running on ARM, instead of anything Intel has to offer for the sake of keeping prices down to compete with the new iPad. Intel has been trash talking ARM-based Windows 8 tablets. The company thinks legacy applications are that important when in truth, they are not.

Intel will have no choice but to change its tune when the company sees how successful Windows 8 RT has become, and that includes the many naysayers who refuse to buy ARM.

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