'Final Fantasy XV' Bonus News: Cup Noodle Headgear DLC As Boss Collection Bonus!

17 February 2017, 6:50 am EST By Catherine G. Mobile & Apps

This is no gag- A 'Cup Noodle Headgear' downloadable content (DLC) has been included in game "Final Fantasy XV". The headgear is a bonus in the Cup Noodle "Final Fantasy" Boss collection. The "Final Fantasy Cup Noodle Boss" collection is available for an extra $52!

Whoever purchases the "Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection" for the said amount will be entitled to get a bonus "Cup Noodle Headgear". This announcement has been made by Nissan Foods, the manufacturer of Cup Noodles. While people have been wondering about the factual truth of such news and announcement, the same has been verified.

As can be seen on the website link, Nissin Foods is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the "Final Fantasy XV" franchise and is offering the "Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection" for purchase. it has also announced the bonus headgear to be deployed in the game after purchase.

The "Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection" costs approximately 6084 yen. This translates to roughly $52. What does the collection contain? It comprises 15 Cup Noodles of different flavours. Each such Cup Noodle pack contains a separate artwork. The artwork depicts a boss from each of the mainline titles from the "Final Fantasy". 

After the purchase of the "Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection", the buyer can download the Cup Noodle Headgear gradually. The headgear can be downloaded by the buyers and purchasers in the coming summer. The website states that the buyers of "Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection" will be able to procure an early access to the Cup Noodle headgear. This would mean that everyone will be able to download the item at an uncertain and currently unknown future date.

The announcement may have been met with some level of ridicule from a few players, but it has generally received enthusiastic replies from many gamers. This announcement is a sponsor collaboration between Nissan Foods and Square Enix, the creator of "Final Fantasy". Keep browsing MobileNApps for more news and updates about the game!

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