5 Apps For Entrepreneurs To Boost Sales & Keep Track On Things This 2017

16 February 2017, 8:58 pm EST By Switchy Sam Mobile & Apps
These 5 apps for entrepreneurs will help them boost sales or assist them in business this 2017. A great partner in business as some would say.  ( Buffer/YouTube Screenshot )

Apps help people to progress further during business or help them on their schedules. For businessmen, it is important to keep track of things to make the day a successful and productive one. Now, here is the list of 5 apps that every entrepreneur should have to help them on various things such as establishing proper communication with the customers, credit card processing, and more. Here are the following apps:


This mobile app will strengthen ties with the customers by keeping their information organized including the contact details. In addition, "Salesforce1" apps presents a strong focal point in sales, convenience, and client-centered business on the entrepreneur's side. The app can be downloaded on their official website.


To progress on spreading information on the internet, "Buffer" will help you do it in such a short time. This mobile app will help on the streamlines to reach the target audience or fan base. This mobile app will also ensure the proper schedule when to release a content on social media. The app's focal point is to post one information on all the social media websites to assure that the information arrives on time. The mobile app can be downloaded here.

Motivation Daily & Positivity

Entrepreneurs need a daily dose of motivation to start their day with a smile and boost of confidence during work. This will ensure that entrepreneurs will kickstart their day with the proper positive mindset. "Motivation Daily & Positivity" can be downloaded on iTunes.


This mobile app allows users to save useful articles online. In addition, videos that are interesting and informative can be stored as well. The saved content is kept for future use, especially during presentations. "Pocket" saves all info even without internet connection and the app can be downloaded here.


This mobile app is much like Buffer but with one exception. "Workflow" can complete complicated tasks with a simple interface, which is dubbed as "Swiss Army Knife." The mobile app can be downloaded here.

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