Snapchat Built Its Own Photography Drone, Looking To Become A Hardware Giant In Future?

2 March 2017, 7:30 am EST By Catherine G. Mobile & Apps

Snapchat has been reinventing itself constantly in the past one year. It first endeavored to be described as a "Camera company". However, as per the New York Times, Snapchat actually wants to venture in the hardware production field.

New York Times exclusively and anonymously interviewed some Snapchat employees. The report suggested that Snapchat has been working on a photography drone! Such activities are not completely unexpected.

Several tech companies build different high-tech products related to their main business and then abandon it midway (before they are actually deployed). It is entirely possible that Snapchat chief Evan Spiegel and his team did work on a drone but later dismissed the project as it offered no substantial benefit or added productivity.

However, this news does suggest one thing: Snapchat is trying to build and manufacture products that widen their scope and portfolio. This activity first started when they affirmed project "Spectacles". If Snapchat is proposing to offer hardware devices in the coming times, it needs to work on its marketing and profitability.

The video recording glasses, Spectacles did not rake in a lot of cash. Maybe they would need to outline their aims and objectives in a better manner and then streamline these efforts towards a successful project on hardware.

Snapchat previously mentioned in its market related (IPO) documents that it is a fairly young company with less experience in the hardware manufacturing sector. One thing is certain, the popular mobile app branching out to different and innovative sectors will certainly help them a lot. Merely modifying the Snapchat app is not working very well in their favor as Facebook and its related companies are regularly trying to copy its innovations and direct the traffic to themselves.

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