Supercell’s ‘Clash Royale’ News And Update: Team Battle Mode As Major Feature Teased In Crazy Supercell Easter Egg [VIDEO]

2 March 2017, 11:22 pm EST By Pia Merci Mobile & Apps
Supercell’s ‘Clash Royale’ teased a new major feature for players which is said to be the Team Battle mode.  ( Clash Royale / YouTube )

Supercell's "Clash Royale" recently has not had any big update but reports are saying that the famous mobile game will be offering one major feature that is worth the wait. That will be the Team Battle according to a multiple Easter eggs laid by the staff of Supercell.

Supercell forum moderators left a post for the "Clash Royale" fans to stop discussing theories about the game's next update. The post later was followed by a reply from community and studio figurehead, Tim. It simply said "correctamundo," but fans quickly noticed that the letter E was hyperlinked. The link unveils a portion of a button in the game which a letter E is only visible.

In order to get another portion of the Easter egg, the player must go to the News section of the "Clash Royale" app and scroll until they see a post about Clash Radio podcast. Just beside reddit's article link is a small hyperlinked exclamation point. The two pictures does not necessarily confirm a Team Battle mode but people can see two words; one starting with a T and another with a B. Also, the second word ends with a letter E prior from the previous link.

The questions will remain the same that when will be this Team Battle mode will be arriving and how will it work. The "Clash Royale" teasers and sneak peeks that Supercell is giving clearly suggest that the company wants the fans to get something while the development procedure goes on.

There is no official statements released but the fact that the "Clash Royale" teasers were brought up by the staff themselves, clearly it implies that it's planned for that, but we cannot really assume much in terms of when it will be released.

"Clash Royale" is a freemium type of mobile game that was published and developed by Supercell. The game is set to combine different elements like collectible cards, tower defense and online multiplayer. The game is available on iOS and Android devices.


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