Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Latest News: All-In-One to Come with the Kaby Lake Core i7 [VIDEO]; Can It Outperform iPad Pro 2?

3 March 2017, 1:11 am EST By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps
Both Microsoft and Apple are expected to unveil their latest flagship devices, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and iPad Pro 2 this year but, it remains to be seen which one will be able to sweep tech buffs off their feet.  ( Information Technology / YouTube )

Microsoft continues to be nonvocal regarding its Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date; however, some recently surfaced changes in the company's online store has added more fuel to the already burning rumors about the device's looming launch. Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to go toe-to-toe with Apple's iPad Pro 2 when it hits the store shelves.

Interestingly, Microsoft has ousted the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from its online store, leading many to believe that the Redmond-based tech giant is indeed gearing up to launch the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 in Q1 2017, DigitalTrends reported. According to reports, the hybrid device is Microsoft's answer to the rumored iPad Pro 2.

It's worth noting that the arrival of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 would correspond to the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update, which according to Microsoft's earlier announcement will roll out in April this year. Some optimistic tech pundits claim the Surface Pro 5 could arrive around the same time.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Vs. Apple iPad Pro 2

While it remains to be seen whether or not Microsoft will unveil the long-awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 5 in April 2017, the all-in-one device is likely to have an edge over Apple's iPad Pro 2 in the form of Intel's seventh generation Kaby Lake processors. The iPad Pro 2, on the other hand, is powered by the company's own A10X chipset.

Moreover, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 could come with a surface dial, cover keyboard and stylus. Meanwhile, Apple's iPad Pro 2 is rumored to arrive with a smart keyboard and an Apple Pencil, according to News4C.

Aside from that, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has another ace up its sleeve that gives it an edge over Apple's iPad Pro 2. Apparently, the Surface Pro 5 will boast a 12.3-inch Ultra HD/4K display, which will be paired with a higher configuration of RAM and graphic support.

In terms of connectivity, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is likely to have a USB Type-C support. Furthermore, the device is expected to pack a robust battery. Consumers will be able to use the Surface Pro 5 either as a laptop or a tablet, while the iPad Pro 2 can only be used as a tablet.

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