PlayStation 5 Latest News, Updates & Specs: Upcoming Console To Release In 2018; PS5 Will Run In 8 Teraflops To Achieve True 4K

3 March 2017, 12:24 pm EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps
Latest speculations reveal that the PlayStation 5 would have a 4K resolution and would run at 8 teraflops and that it will probably release in 2018.  ( Lispy Jimmy/YouTube Screenshot )

PlayStation 5 reportedly will be available to fans in 2018. Recent speculations revealed the possible specs of Sony's upcoming gaming console include running at 8 Teraflops to produce a true 4K resolution.

With Microsoft hinting on a possible launch of Project Scorpio, it is inevitable for fans to speculate on the Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5. The competition between these two consoles always benefits the players, as each company would outdate each other in terms of features and innovative technology integration. The latest speculation about Sony's PlayStation 5 gaming console is that it will be released to the expectant market as early as 2018.

According to latest speculations, the upcoming PlayStation 5 will have a 4K resolution, the same feature that allegedly will be present in Microsoft Xbox Scorpio. However, according to PS5PlayStation5, the PS5 will run at 8 Teraflops to truly produce a 4K resolution. It is common knowledge that the PS4 Pro does not render most of its games at a native 4K resolution, but to get close to it, the system uses a technique called checkerboard rendering. In doing so, the image reaches resolutions that are extremely close to 4K. According to Mark Cerny, PlayStation's Lead Architect, you need at least 8 Teraflops to run a True 4K resolution.

 Aside from the ultra-high resolution, the gaming console reportedly will also have its own version of backward compatibility feature. This is one of the most requested features of Sony PS 4 users. It is also speculated that the soon to be released PlayStation 5 console will support Virtual Reality gaming.

Reportedly, the PlayStation 5 will not be released this year, expecting so would be just too optimistic as the PS4 Pro version was released only a year ago. If we are to look into Sony's timeline, it is possible that the company have a major update two or three years after their last launch. Most likely, if Sony sticks to its timeline, 2018 would be an interesting pick for a release date of the upcoming PlayStation 5. In other news, PlayStation 4 recently released a lineup of games that will be free for the month of March 2017, reported Trusted Review.



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