'Pokemon Go' Upcoming Event: Massive Snorlax Spawns Are Coming To A City In Japan

3 March 2017, 1:05 pm EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps
A new "Pokemon Go" event will be launched exclusively in Japan to help a certain city that has been hit by a series of massive earthquakes.  ( Reversal Pokemon Go/YouTube )

"Pokemon Go" will have a Snorlax Event. This event will take place in one city in Japan.

Recently, "Pokémon Go," is packed with events and releases that most players dubbed it as a whirlwind of a week. The series of released event started with the Pokémon Day event. Another update was when a developer made a comment at the DICE Awards about saving your candies. Since then, numerous players have been wondering what is next for Niantic's mobile game.

When the Japanese "Pokémon Go" account tweeted out a picture of Snorlax with the dates 3/4 and 3/13 in it, fans got excited that this was another Pokémon event. Without an official word from Niantic, most fans jump into conclusion and assumed that a Snorlax event was inbound.

The real reason, however, the Japanese account announced about this "Pokemon Go" event is because this is a special Japan-only event. This event was designed to rouse tourism in the Kumamoto Prefecture, which was recently hit by massive earthquakes. It is similar to the Lapras event in 2016 that sought to help encourage tourism in the Fukushima Prefecture.

Redditor hastytaste, on The Silph Road, provided a jagged translation of the tweet. According to the user, that tweet means that:

"In the whole area of Kumamoto prefecture and in Oita prefecture Yufu city, Beppu city, information that cabigon becomes easy to show up has arrived. Was it raised by Pokemon? This phenomenon seems to continue from 3/4 to 3/13! There are areas and places where local reconstruction work is continuing. Do not enter a dangerous place, please enjoy Kumamoto, Oita!"

The "Pokemon Go" Kumamoto Snorlax event starts on March 4 and ends on March 13. If by any chance you are in Japan and want to help regenerate local tourism to the Prefecture, there is your opportunity window. For everyone else, we will just have to wait until the announcement of the next global event is released.



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