'Dragon Ball Super' Biggest Twist: Gohan To Unleash Dormant Power& Achieve Ultimate Form; Young Warrior To Surpass Goku In The Universe Survival Arc

3 March 2017, 1:04 pm EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps
The latest news from Jump Preview revealed Gohan attaining his ultimate form and unlocking his dominant power, which could probably the biggest twist in the story of "Dragon Ball Super" universe survival arc.  ( Sam KAn/YouTube Screenshot )

"Dragon Ball Super" will have a big twist in its series. This time it was leaked that Gohan will be able to unleash his dormant power and achieve his Ultimate form.

A massive change could be coming to Akira Toriyama's iconic franchise. "Dragon Ball Super's" brand-new story, Universal Survival arc just got started. The series' hero Goku teams up with a slew of his universe's most powerful fighters, leaving warriors like Gohan and Android 18 to join his circle. At present, the saga has only explored into exhibition matches, but the arc will soon push into overdrive as the Tournament of Power is slowly taking place for real.

As the new "Dragon Ball Super" latest saga gets serious, several fans are wondering which among the characters will step into the spotlight. Fortunately, a clue recently surfaced of what is to come in the fan-favorite anime series. The most recent issue of V-Jump Magazine revealed a super scoop about "Dragon Ball Super" with its teaser about Gohan set the fans on fire.

Comicbook revealed that in a short excerpt, the magazine said that Gohan is super-serious this time. It further revealed several design images the magazine secretly acquired which show Ultimate Gohan with his unlocked dominant power. Further, it disclosed that the strong Gohan will surpass his father Goku. The statement is a bold description and got fans wondering if this will actually happen in the latest series.

Originally, Akira Toriyama wanted Gohan to become the main hero of the "Dragon Ball Super" franchise. However, the creator eventually chose to roll back on the decision after the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z. Gohan's potential to surpass Goku as a fighter is always possible. Mainstay fighters like Piccolo and Goku himself have continuously praised the young half-Saiyan. It can be recalled that during Gohan's fight with Cell, Goku urged the villain to make his son angry. Gohan's true power could be unlocked through rage.

If Gohan is going to surpass Goku at some point in the Universal Survival arc of "Dragon Ball Super," the younger hero would have to be forced into extreme circumstances. At present, the Universe 7 team is being forced to fight for the safety of their world, so there is real high stakes threatening Gohan's crew.



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