‘Overwatch’ News: Season 4 Goes Live As Blizzard’s Latest ‘Overwatch’ Project Cancelled [VIDEO]

3 March 2017, 1:27 pm EST By Pia Merci Mobile & Apps
“Overwatch” News this week has revealed that while season 4 has launched with success, Blizzard have just cancelled another.  ( Yinvert / YouTube )

"Overwatch's" Competitive Play new season has just begun and its fans have checked about the changes it offers. It has launched with success, however, another has just been canceled. Blizzard has officially confirmed that they will no longer continue publishing the first "Overwatch" graphic novel which was initially slated to be released later in March 2017.

According to the people who were responsible for the project, ever since "Overwatch's" initial release, the story of how it was made has considerably changed. This has made them go back to the drawing board. "Overwatch: First Strike" was initially planned to be released in March both on the digital platform and in print via Dark Horse in April. PCGamesN details that the comic's purpose was to tell the game's origin story that detail "Overwatch's" foundation during the Omnic Crisis.

Micahel Chu, "Overwatch: First Strike's" lead writer, has confirmed the said cancellation thru a post on the Battle.net forums. He said that they are thankful for the team's great work they have put in the project, but still, they have come to the decision of canceling it and actually taking the story in a different direction. It appears that Blizzard has a different vision now for how those early events have turned out, and "First Strike" no longer suits the said vision.

Fortunately, Express reported that the Blizzard graphic novel series has not been entirely canceled. It will instead boast a different story. Chu also mentioned that Blizzard is having plans of widening "Overwatch's "story in other ways.

The story remains unknown and might be possibly affected by the updates brought by the new characters added to the game's roster. Take for example, Doomfist, a group of heroes who were roughly touched in the gaming lore so far. There is a possibility that it will develop into a fully-fledged character. As of this writing, the post about Blizzard's cancellation of the graphic novel of "Overwatch" put on the game's forums seems to be now locked and strangely the message from Chu is now unreadable.


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