Oculus Rift's $600 Touch Bundle Includes An Impressive Shooting Game With Good Reviews Called 'Robo Recall'

3 March 2017, 1:36 pm EST By Ceage Sotto Mobile & Apps
"Robo Recall" gives gamers a glimpse of the future of VR gaming.   ( Road to VR/YouTube Screenshot )

VR enthusiasts were happy to find out about the Oculus Rift Touch Bundle's recent price drop. With a $200 discount off the original price, it's the perfect time to invest in the VR frenzy. Included in the $600 bundle is a VR shooter from Epic that's free for previous Touch owners. "Robo Recall" gives gamers a glimpse of the future of VR gaming.

PCgamer's Tyler Wilde have high praise for Epic's VR game title. He added that the game is one of the best looking VR titles that he's come across.

Impressive skyscrapers and a slew of dynamic lighting make it more of a modern "Time Crisis" game. However, instead of shooting bad guys on the screen, players will be part of the whole environment.

"Robo Recall's" gameplay takes advantage of the Oculus Rift's Touch controllers. Playing the game would take you in a world where you have to shoot down malfunctioning robots. Shooting them down adds a new level of VR game experience, something of an upgrade from bad VR games. Plus the game uses the Touch controller's full potential, unlike previously released titles.

Reviews for the game have all been positive, CNET, IGN, Polygon has but good praise. The game, however, does suffer from minor inconveniences. Although the Oculus Rift is built for the game, the movement is limited by a standard sensor setup.

The HTC Vive's setup puts users between two sensors. The Oculus' Touch system is different by default. Both sensors face the same way, and "Robo Recall" doesn't respond much when you turn away.
The sensors do actually track the back of the head pretty well. The game flashes a warning in front every time a user faces the wrong direction.

Things would not change unless users will have a 360-degree sensor setup. Overall, the game is a solid title for a VR game, new, fresh, and very engaging to old and new Oculus Rift users.

The game shows how good VR shooters are on VR platforms, an excellent introduction to the Oculus Touch. There is no doubt that there will be more games in the same genre as "Robo Recall." Hopefully, they'll take off on Epic's modern day shooter, or other devs making mods in the future.

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