'Destiny' Updates: First Look at Age of Triumph Set March 8; Bungie Reveals Latest 'Destiny 2' News

4 March 2017, 7:07 am EST By JEV Mobile & Apps
The first look of "Age of Triumph" as final bang for "Destiny" next week and Bungie has also revealed more news on the upcoming sequel, "Destiny 2".  ( The Ishtar Collective/YouTube )

Game developer Bungie will unveil its "Destiny" game's last hurrah before the dawning of its next title, "Destiny 2" later this year. Dubbed as Age of Triumph, the official reveal of this final live event on both PS4 and Xbox One is set on March 8.  

As Bungie's way to put an epic conclusion to "Destiny", Age of Triumph will bring in heaps of new challenges, rewards and more. In this slated live event, both the loyal gamers and the development team take a look back at three wonderful years of fun shared as one community. 

The Age of Triumph is set to launch for "Destiny" around late March. But weeks prior to the release, the studio has already set a roadmap of the content reveals to give players a sneak peek at what's coming ahead in the game.

There will be livestreams to be aired on its official Twitch channel. On March 8, gamers will get a first look at the Age of Triumph, weekly rituals on March 15 and Sandbox update is slated on March 22.  

Meanwhile, Bungie has also shed more details and news on "Destiny 2" as a follow-up to the first title. And what it has just revealed could come bad news to fans who expect to transport some major facets of their Guardians from the first game. 

Bungie emphasized that sequels mean the beginning of a new journey that introduces players to a bunch of new worlds, fresh stories, brand new power, loots and a lot more, as reported by Express UKThus, it reached a decision to disallow transfer of power, possessions and other items from the game's Eververse.

The developer further mentioned what players can carry with them in "Destiny 2". These include the class, race, gender, face, hair and other attributes of all characters at Level 20, including the completed Black Garden story mission.

Lastly, it promises more information will arrive later that would shed more light on how the players' legacy will be honored in the future. "Destiny 2" doesn't have an exact release date as of yet but many say that it will happen post-E3 2017 event.

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