'Horizon Zero Dawn' Post Launch: New Update Coming to Quash Crash Issues; Quick Solution Available

4 March 2017, 7:01 am EST By JEV Mobile & Apps
While waiting for a new update to quash crash issues on "Horizon Zero Dawn", players can try out these four steps to solve the problem.  ( YouTube/PlayStation )

Guerilla Games has earned positive reviews for the recent release of "Horizon Zero Dawn" among critics. However, the game has bugged its players with a crash issue right at its opening cinematic.

But the game developer is quick to respond to fans, providing them with a temporary remedy that would possibly solve the problem. It has also confirmed that a new update is now in the works to patch this bug.

Players on PS4 have reported a bug that makes the game crash when they open the "Horizon Zero Dawn" opening movie. Via Reddit, the development team has released a fast and easy solution to this specific issue.

Step by step, gamers need to do the following: 1) As the game crashes, restart PS4; 2) When the console is reset, allow the game disc to stay in the PS4 for two hours while its power is on and idle; 3) After which, start "Horizon Zero Dawn" again; 4) View the intro cinematic but if a part of it isn't showing, players must view it again from the main menu (Extras>Intro Movie).

Guerrilla Games added, however, that the quick workaround might now work for all users. It further said that the issue is now scrutinized and highly prioritized for fixing. Hence, the developer is expected to roll out a patch soon for "Horizon Zero Dawn".

"Horizon Zero Dawn" is available now as an exclusive Sony title for its PS4 consoles for $59.99 price. The game is a massive open-world featuring a with a growing ecosystem full of robotic beasts.

 It also has a day and night cycle as well as weather system that changes as players tackle different situations. Using an evolving conversation system, Aloy, the lead character in the story, can develop her personality and important happenings are taking its form.

IGN has rated "Horizon Zero Dawn" an impressive 9.3 out of 10 rating. See its game review here.

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