'GTA Online' Latest Updates: Online Mode For 'GTA 5' Slated To Get New Cars, Modes, Special Vehicle Race & More Throughout The Spring [VIDEO]

4 March 2017, 7:10 am EST By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps
The upcoming "GTA Online" update for will add a slew of weaponized vehicles, illegal arms trade and lots more to the online mode of "GTA 5."  ( GameSpot / YouTube )

"GTA Online" is the source of steady profit for Rockstar Games so it's hardly surprising that the game developer continues to roll out new updates and downloadable contents to keep players glued to the online mode of "GTA 5".

The game developer has spilled the beans about its plan moving into 2017, which comprises a slew of missions, vehicles, game modes and brand new stunt races. The exciting new missions pit players against each other at some stage for total domination in the illegal arms trade and engage in war with the latest in powerful military hardware, according to a blog post on Rockstar Newswire.

Slated to arrive in March, the next Title Update adds Blazer Aqua vehicles privy, Ruiner 2000, the Rocket Voltic to a brand new style of Stunt Race under the game's Cunning Stunts banner. Against the aforesaid vehicles' radically unique, gravity-defying traits, "GTA Online" players will also be able to come up their own racetracks.

In addition, a couple of new Adversary Modes dubbed as Resurrection and Top Down will make an appearance in Los Santos in spring. While the former is trotted out as "a gallows humor take on dodgeball," the latter takes players down memory lane to the 2D "GTA" days; however, with some exciting twists called Top Down, PCGamer reported.

"GTA Online" players can expect new vehicles this time as well -- including the Infernus Classic, which makes a come back after 2001's "GTA 3." Aside from that, Rockstar Games guarantees new weaponized vehicles and missions related to gunrunning.

The 2017 GTA Online Stunt Race Event is live right now through March 13. The "GTA Online" Stunt Race event introduces 15 new Stunt Races, double GTA$ and RP, and a unlockable stunt to name just a few.

Watch the video footage below for more details and stay tuned in here for more "GTA Online" news and updates!

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