'Dragon Ball Super' Will Get a New Ending Theme to Debut on April 2; Episode 82 Sees Goku & Toppo Going Head-To-Head

7 March 2017, 8:20 am EST By Coco Dollanganger Mobile & Apps
"Dragon Ball Super" teases its new ending theme through its website with Miyu Inoue to sing Boogie Back.  ( MaSTAR Media/YouTube )

"Dragon Ball Super" in February has just entered a brand new story arc, the Universal Survival saga but it appears that the new installment has irked fans' interest with the known "Dragon Ball Z" tropes. The saga is expected to showcase Son Goku with his team in Universe 7 fighting against the other multiverses.

The "Dragon Ball Super" new arc was released packed with a new opening theme song from veteran Japanese lyricist, composer and poet Yukinojō Mori, the Limit-Break x Survivor, which is now serving the anime with a new opening sequence and has been playing since episode 77. Now, according to Comic Book, the anime is expected to receive a new ending theme.

"Dragon Ball Super" official website has announced over the weekend that a new theme is coming with newcomer Miyo Inoue being slated to sing Boogie Back, which will debut on April 2 and will also feature a danceable pop tune while it's showing throughout the month of June. The song will then mark Inoue's debut and it will go on sale on April 19 respectively.

The "Dragon Ball Super" Universal Survival saga's first air date was on Feb. 5, which is part of the simulcast agreement between CrunchyRoll and Funimation. Meanwhile, spoilers for episode 82 titled The Righteous Warrior Toppo Bursts In sees that Goku will have an unforeseen fight against the next God of Destruction Toppo from Universe 11 who will challenge the former and the results might not be awful for Universe 7.

There is no synopsis for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 82 that has been released just yet and what fans know is that Toppo will be in-charge of The Pride Troopers to possible triumph over Universe 7 and according to a report, Toppo is greatly powerful and will champion the God of Destruction. In the event that he wins against Goku, this means that this is the latter's very first loss.

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