Microsoft Surface RT Experiencing Touch Cover And Audio Issues

13 November 2012, 9:44 am EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

The Microsoft Surface RT tablet had a successful launch, reviews have been fair and the tablet has been selling relatively well. However, for every good thing, there is something bad brewing in the distance, and such is the case with the Surface RT with Windows RT inside.

Many users who have purchased a Surface RT are experiencing problems with the Touch Cover keyboard, along with audio issues. Users have been voicing their displeasure on the Microsoft support forum. The number of users who seem to be experiencing these issues is staggering to say the least, which raises the question - who manufactured the Surface RT?

We tried to find out which company is making the Surface RT for Microsoft, but to no avail. It won't be too long now before many pundits begin to describe the Surface RT as a tablet that is manufactured by some unknown OEM in China

Surface RT's problems range from Touch Cover keyboards edges splitting to expose a wire, splitting at the seam, to audio muting and stuttering randomly. The good news is that Microsoft is aware of the problem, and the company is experiencing a significant amount of Touch Cover keyboard returns since the Surface RT went on sale.

It is typical for version 1.0 products to have problems on the first outing, still, this does not bode very well for Microsoft if the company fails to get its act together. Consumers are not loyal to one brand anymore, so Microsoft has no choice but to make sure these audio problems are fixed in an update, and that no more defective Touch Covers find its way into consumers' hands.

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