Exynos-Based Devices Can Be Booted Directly From SD Card: XDA-Developers

1 January 2013, 8:56 am EST By Sumit Passary email: s.passary@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

Hackers at XDA-Developers claim that certain Exynos-based devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S3, can be booted directly from a SD card.

XDA-Developers is a mobile software development community which consists of millions of users worldwide. Started in Jan. 2003, the site's main purpose is discussion, troubleshooting, and development of Android, Windows Phone, WebOS, and Bada phones. Windows Phone and Android users also get general information about various devices, ROM upgrades, technical support, and reviews of device applications and accessories.

Recent news suggests that XDA-developers 'AdamOutler' and 'Rebellos' have found a way to boot Exynos-based devices directly from the SD Card, which was not possible until now. The hack would enable users to boot their Exynos-run devices with an open source bootloader and is not like chroot style dual booting.

"Thanks to this new hack, developers will be able to get rid of Samsung's closed source bootloaders and boot directly from the SD card on the mentioned devices. Most importantly hackers will be able to fix brick-bugged Galaxy S3 devices, which will give relief to many users," reported Android Authority.

Furthermore, hackers have also found a way to make Fastboot work on the Galaxy Camera.

AdamOutler also indicated on the XDA-Developers forum that he will be performing a few steps on a Galaxy S3 to implement the hack.

"EMMC Disable hardware mod (can be undone later). UART hookups for debugging and working in fastboot mode. Attempting to rework GS3 Ramdisk for SDCard boot. Recreating the proper partition structure on a 16 gig," noted AdamOutler.

The developer also indicated that further implications of the hack are: directly booting ubuntu, Chrome OS, WebOS, or just about anything else. The project is still not complete and may take another three to six weeks of research.

It will be interesting to see if hackers at the XDA-Developers are able to find a workable solution to boot smartphones with the help of a SD card. We will have to wait and see which other devices can be booted directly from a SD card.

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