Gears of War: Judgment Achievements Revealed

4 February 2013, 8:40 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

More news from the 'Gears of War: Judgment' front.

Per reports, Epic Games' upcoming third-person shooter title 'Gears of War: Judgment' has received a set of achievements that will be available once the game is released.

As expected, the new list of achievements is similar to the ones found in the first three games of the series. The list was first brought online by Exophase which has detailed all the names and the points related to the achievements.

"Beat the game in different difficulties and in co-op. Do certain things, play the multiplayer and the normal stuff you have come to expect from Gears of War games," Gamingbolt states.

As far as the achievements are concerned, there is The Real Thing, for 10G, where the player is expected to successfully complete Seahorse Hills, I Told You, if the player completed Downtown Halvo Bay for 10G, Lion Heart, worth 50G, for completing all campaign chapters on Insane difficulty, Iron Fist for completing all campaign chapters on at least Hardcore difficulty for 25G, This One's Not Over, for 10G, for completing Courthouse, and Determined for completing all campaign chapters on at least Casual difficulty.

Other achievements include, Globe Trotter for winning a match on every map in all versus modes for 10G, Unstoppable, worth 50G, if the player achieved level 50 a third time and chose to re-up for another tour, Jack of All Trades, for 10G, for winning 10 matches of Overrun, Let's Do This for achieving level 50 and chose to re-up for another tour of duty, for 50G, 25G for reaching Level 50, 15G for reaching Level 30, Fearless for achieving level 50 a second time and chose to re-up for another tour, for 50G, and more.

This is the latest development for 'Gears of War: Judgment' after it was reported last month that the game is set to get a multiplayer demo as well as the OverRun mode this March on Xbox Live. The new demo is currently scheduled to release on March 19, the same day the game releases in the U.S., giving players access to the newly announced OverRun mode.

"GameStop, Microsoft and Epic Games are thrilled to announce that 'Gears of War' fans across the United States will be able to join the fight against the Locust Horde early through the signature new multiplayer mode in 'Gears of War: Judgment,' OverRun," the official page stated.

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