iPad Air 3 Set To Take Center Stage At Apple's March Event Alongside iPad Mini 5, iPad Pro 2 [VIDEO]

Smartphone lovers have been waiting with bated breath for the launch of Apple's upcoming flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8. However, this is not the only Apple device tech buffs have been clamoring for.

Tablet Wed Jan 18 2017

Surface Phone 2017: Microsoft Patent Suggests Foldable Phone Convertible Into A Tablet And Vice Versa [VIDEO]

Recent reports say that Microsoft is working on a high-end Surface Phone which allegedly is foldable and can turn into a tablet or smartphone conveniently.

Tablet Wed Jan 18 2017

iPad iOS 9 Multitasking: Apple’s 10.5” iPad Will Allow Full Height Apps Side By Side

Apple is reportedly launching a 10.5-inch iPad to allow for iOS 9 multitasking.

Tablet Wed Jan 18 2017

Chromebook Pro, Plus To Go Head-To-Head With Surface Pro, iPad Pro Despite Huge Price Difference

Tech experts have conluded that Samsung's Chromebooks are the best "Android tablet replacements."

Tablet Tue Jan 17 2017

iOS 10 Users Looking to Pangu 10.2 Jailbreak as Yalu 10.1.1 Jailbreaking Tool Still Stuck in Beta

Discouraged users who are disappointed with the Yalu iOS 10.1 Jailbreak are now looking to Team Pangu to come up with a better jailbreaking tool.

Tablet Tue Jan 17 2017

NVIDIA Shield TV 2015 Gets Shield Experience Upgrade 5.0; 2017 Version Still Better? See Details Here

NVIDIA released the Shield Experience Upgrade 5.0 to add new features to the Shield TV 2015. However, the Shield TV 2017 still sports more improvements in addition to the features contained in the Shield Experience Upgrade 5.0.

Tablet Tue Jan 17 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro vs iPad Pro 4 Specs & Features: Which is More Superior? Windows 10 Functionality Takes on Fast iOS

When choosing the best tablets available, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro are the first two devices that come to mind.

Tablet Mon Jan 16 2017

iPad Pro 2 News: Using The Pythagorean Theorem, Someone Has Figured Out What Size The Next iPad Pro Will Be

The iPad Pro 2 will likely feature a 10.5-inch display, Studio Neat designer Dan Provost says.

Tablet Mon Jan 16 2017

Windows 10 Update: Microsoft Addresses Privacy Problems With 2 New Options

Microsoft finally heeds the request of Windows 10 users for better control over privacy by offering two options to address the problem.

Tablet Mon Jan 16 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Updates & Specs: Upcoming Handset Could Appear Like A Phablet

The Microsoft Surface Phone could come out in October this year with a design size that is similar to a phablet.

Tablet Sat Jan 14 2017

What Can We Expect from Apple’s iPad this 2017? Predictions We've Heard So Far

Apple has three new iOS-powered tablets in line waiting for the release this 2017.

Tablet Sat Jan 14 2017

Apple MacBook Pro Battery Issues Not A Problem Anymore With Consumer Reports; Apple’s Software Update Fixes Safari Bug

Apple reportedly found the battery issue being caused by a Safari bug that the software update has removed. If any user wants to download the software update immediately, he would have to enroll in the company’s Beta Program.

Tablet Sat Jan 14 2017

Apple iPad Pro 2 Sporting A 10.5-Inch Display; New iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 3 To Arrive In 2017 [VIDEO]

Apple is reportedly on the brink of announcing an iPad Pro 2017 with a 10.5-inch display. The Cupertino tech firm is also planning to revamp the iPad Mini and the iPad Air lineup by equipping the devices with new powerful processors.

Tablet Sat Jan 14 2017

HTC U Ultra Comparison With LG V20, iPhone 7 Plus & Pixel XL

HTC U Ultra comes with a design called Liquid Surface, which is a secondary display with high-end specs.

Tablet Fri Jan 13 2017

Dell Canvas vs Microsoft Surface Studio Specs and Features: Dell Releases Touchscreen Monitor Similar to Microsoft Offering; Cost is Almost Half as Surface Studio

A new accessory from Dell provides a touchscreen monitor which is similar to that of the Microsoft Surface Studio.

Tablet Thu Jan 12 2017

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