Elcomsoft Accused Apple Of Storing Deleted Browsing History; Calls iCloud Cross-Device Sync A Culprit For Security Vulnerability

Software company Elcomsoft accused Apple of storing deleted browsing history through iCloud's cross-device syncing feature.

Tablet Mon Feb 13 2017

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter & Other Apps Significant Updates For Security & Quick Information On Communication

Numerous social apps were updated for security purposes online. However, some things are still left behind, including Twitters replies.

Tablet Mon Feb 13 2017

Google Is Going To Purge Millions Of Apps From Play Store Due To Privacy & Security Issues: How To Detect 'Zombie' Apps

Lesson 101: it is prudent to do in-depth scrutiny of reviews before downloading any app from Google Play Store because the service is apparently teeming with data-stealers masquerading as legit apps.

Tablet Sun Feb 12 2017

LG V20 vs. Huawei Mate 9: Which Has The Best Features & Specs?

LG V20 are for customers who want a simple yet affordable smartphone with excellent quality. On the other hand, Huawei Mate 9 may cost a bit more, but the features and specs are slightly better than the LG's smartphone.

Tablet Fri Feb 10 2017

Apple March 2017 Lineup: iPad Air 3 & iPad Mini 5 Features With The Apple Pencil 2

Rumors are rampant regarding Apple's lineup, which will be refreshed in March 2017.

Tablet Fri Feb 10 2017

Chrome OS Update Is Coming To Resolve A Full-Screen Problem For Android Apps!

Are you getting annoyned running Android apps in full-screen on Chrome OS? Changes are coming, according to Google.

Tablet Fri Feb 10 2017

Supply Shortage Hits Current Gen 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Ahead of New 2017 iPad Pro Launch

The shortage is not only limited to Apple's own stores but in several retailers across the globe as well.

Tablet Fri Feb 10 2017

FBI Launches Most Wanted App For iOS & Android To Track Fugitives; Get A Reward By Tipping-Off Criminals

Bounty hunters, security experts and even just conscious individuals have a new toy after the FBI launched its Most Wanted app to track down fugitives.

Tablet Thu Feb 09 2017

Score Of Popular Apple iOS Apps Are Prone To Data Breach; Threatens Sensitive Financial & Banking Credentials

A score of popular apps from Apple Store with at least 18 million downloads were included in a security report due to vulnerabilities against data interception.

Tablet Thu Feb 09 2017

4 Priced Game Apps Now Downloadable Free For A Limited Time For iPhones & iPads

There are four fun games that went free for iPhones and iPads. These "iOS game apps" have a limited time and players must download them free before they expire.

Tablet Thu Feb 09 2017

Lenovo Yoga A12 News: Affordable Android Tablet At $299 With A Lot Of Design Cues From Yoga Book Line

Lenovo just made available a more affordable tablet, the Yoga A12, which although has lower specs than the Yoga Books, it is priced at $299 only.

Tablet Thu Feb 09 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Coming in April, Kaby Lake, New Surface Pen, and Surface Dial Support Expected

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may exceed the latest Apple MacBook Pro in terms of raw performance.

Tablet Thu Feb 09 2017

Secure Android Internet Experience With VPN; Hide IP Adress Even In Public Wi-Fi With TunnelBear & Opera VPN

Virtual Private Network or simply VPN is a little-known feature in Android that allows secure connection.

Tablet Wed Feb 08 2017

Instagram Tests Update 10.7.0 To Combine Photos In Slideshow Snaps; Upload Up To 10 Photos In Single Post

A feature that allows multiple photos in single post is expected out of the next rollout for iOS and Android versions of Instagram.

Tablet Wed Feb 08 2017

Huge Discounts On iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 & Apple Watch Are Indicators That iPad Pro 2 Would Be Released Soon

Up to $150 price cuts are being offered on three models of the Apple iPad Pro tablet which leads to speculation that the Cupertino-based tech giant would roll out the iPad Pro 2 in March on the first anniversary of the iPad Pro's release.

Tablet Wed Feb 08 2017

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