Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Update: Early Release Unlikely, Laptop Could Have Mid to Late 2017 Launch

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 may not be coming out anytime soon due to various reasons.

Tablet Wed Mar 15 2017

Nintendo Switch 'Jailbreak' Exploit Uncovered, Root Access Found in Hidden WebKit Browser

Luca Todesco managed to get root access to the console's systems by employing the same technique he had used on iOS 9 devices.

Tablet Wed Mar 15 2017

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Release Date In The UK Revealed; Specs, Feature, Price & Other Details Here [VIDEO]

While details about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 release date are really hard to come by, a listing on Best Buy website has spilled the beans about the new tablet's price in the United States and Canada.

Tablet Wed Mar 15 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Company’s Foldable Smartphone: Tech Giant Ready for Big Releases in 2017 Including Galaxy S8

There are rumors saying that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will carry the best camera features in the market today.

Tablet Tue Mar 14 2017

Four New Apple iPad Models Reportedly Undergoing Test in California, Tablets Likely Unveiled Soon

Several iPad models are apparently already being tested around San Francisco and Cupertino.

Tablet Tue Mar 14 2017

Lithium-ion Inventor Developing New Solid-state Battery , iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Devices with 30-day Battery Life Coming Soon

The 30-day battery life featured on the Nokia 3310 may be coming to more modern smartphones in the coming years.

Tablet Tue Mar 14 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News and Updates Hint At An April Launch For The Long-Awaited Tablet [VIDEO]; See Specs & Other Details Here!

Instead of fading, the hype surrounding Microsoft's Surface Pro 5 seems to strengthen as we draw closer to the upcoming tablet's rumored April launch.

Tablet Tue Mar 14 2017

2017 Google Nexus 7 Tablet: Device Likely to Come with Latest Android Nougat Instead of Rumored Andromeda OS

The upcoming 2017 Google Nexus 7 will reportedly sport the latest Android Nougat OS instead of the rumored new Andromeda OS.

Tablet Mon Mar 13 2017

MacBook Pro 2017 To Possibly Release With A Kaby Lake Processor, 32GB Ram & More Than 10 Hours Battery Life

The upcoming MacBook Pro 2017 reportedly will run on intel Kaby lake processors with 32GB RAM and will have more than 10 hours of battery life.

Tablet Mon Mar 13 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date Details Still Hard To Come By? Here's When Tech Pundits Say The 2-in-1 Device Could Launch [VIDEO]

There is no official release date associated with Microsoft's Surface Pro 5; however, multiple sources suggests the long rumored 2-in-1 gadget could hit the store shelves along with Intel Kaby Lake Processor.

Tablet Mon Mar 13 2017

Apple iPad Pro 2, iPad Mini 5 Release Date, Rumored Features & Lots More [VIDEO]; Apple Likely To Launch New iPads At Its Spring Event?

If rumors running rampant online are anything to go by, Apple could be gearing up to take the wraps off the iPad Pro 2 and the iPad mini 5 at an exclusive spring event. However, the Cupertino-based company has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

Tablet Mon Mar 13 2017

Google Likely to Launch New 2017 Nexus 7 Tablet, Device to Revive Nexus Brand [VIDEO]

Google is expected to be coming out with their 2017 offering in the form of the new 2017 Google Nexus 7.

Tablet Fri Mar 10 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs & Rumor Roundup [VIDEO]; 4K Screen, Surface Pen & Dock Among Other Features Likely!

While gadget freaks continue waiting with bated breath for the Surface Pro 5's release date announcement, Microsoft has refrained from divulging any sort of details regarding the device's launch, specs, and features. Thankfully, the internet is rife with speculations regarding when the long awaited device could hit the store shelves.

Tablet Fri Mar 10 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 To Possibly Sport 4K Display, Hololens Support and Surface Dial Among Others

The most-awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will reportedly be a powerhouse device packed with top of the line features that will definitely delight its eager fans.

Tablet Thu Mar 09 2017

Apple iPad Pro 2, iPad Mini 5 Release Date Confirmed For April 2017 [VIDEO]; Launch Event To Take Place At Steve Jobs Theater?

Apple will hold an event next month to unveil iPad refreshes, iPad Pro 2, iPad Mini 5, along with several other devices.

Tablet Wed Mar 08 2017

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