Adobe Voice launches as powerful new Storytelling app for iPad users

Adobe has launched a new Storytelling app for iPad users, allowing them to create and share exciting video stories via Adobe Voice.

Adobe May 8, 2014

Adobe Lightroom mobile hits the iPad, coming soon to iPhones

Adobe has finally released a mobile version of its Lightroom software. Lightroom mobile is now available for iPads and will soon hit iPhones as well.

Adobe April 8, 2014

Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows 8 might not be for you (Review)

Want a touch optimized version of Adobe Photoshop? Then Adobe Photoshop Express could be for you, or not.

Adobe June 5, 2013

Adobe Issues Emergency Flash Updates As Hackers Target Firefox: Update Now!

Adobe issued emergency updates to patch three vulnerabilities in Flash Player.

Adobe February 27, 2013

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