Hulu Latest News: Live TV Beta Officially Launched

Hulu’s Live TV Service officially launched today to help people save from paying too much for their cable bills.

Hulu May 4, 2017

Netflix, Hulu, And Amazon Prime: Movies And Shows Coming Your Way This 2017

2017 sees the release of television hit 'One Day At A Time' reboot by Netflix. Meanwhile, the full season of Amazon Prime's original series 'Sneaky Pete' premieres and Hulu brings back Disney favorites.

Hulu January 2, 2017

Over 50 Disney Movies Will Be Available For Streaming On Hulu, Includes 'Mulan', 'Hercules' and 'Tarzan'

A deal with Disney will allow Hulu to stream over 50 Disney movies in the coming months ahead.

Hulu December 29, 2016

Yahoo looking to bid at least $600 million for Hulu

Yahoo wants a taste of online video streaming pie, and acquiring Hulu could do the trick.

Hulu May 28, 2013

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