Internet security

Google Chrome Faces Sophisticated New Malware; Targets WordPress & Language Pack

Hackers are getting more and more sophisticated in gathering personal and sensitive information and Google is under attack.

Internet security February 26, 2017

FamilyTreeNow News: Removing Yourself From FamilyTreeNow? Opt Out Of Whitepages And Other Similar Websites As Well

There are numerous websites similar to FamilyTreeNow.

Internet security January 23, 2017

Heartbleed risk for Android devices: How to check if you’re affected

Heartbleed has shaken the entire Internet security community, but now there's a tool to check whether your Android device is vulnerable.

Internet security April 13, 2014

Apple Blocks Older Versions Of Flash Player In Safari Over Security Risk Concerns

Not all users rush to update their software as soon as a new version is available but if Apple has any say, they will.

Internet security March 2, 2013

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