Xbox One soon dropping price to $349, bring up to $150 in savings (VIDEO)

Microsoft has announced a new promotion set to start on Nov. 2, slashing $50 off the price of any Xbox One model, including special edition bundles with top games.

Kinect October 27, 2014

Microsoft’s Xbox One price cut fuels increased demand for the console at GameStop

GameStop has announced that it is already seeing increased demand for the Xbox One after Microsoft dropped $100 off the console's price tag by unbundling Kinect.

Kinect May 23, 2014

Xbox One without Kinect to sell for $399 from June 9

Microsoft has announced that starting on June 9 it will be selling its Xbox One console without Kinect for $399.

Kinect May 14, 2014

Man Spent His Life Savings Of $2,600 Trying To Win $100 Xbox Kinect

Instead of simply going to the store and purchasing a Xbox Kinect, this man chose to gamble and lost $2,600 when the smoke cleared.

Kinect May 1, 2013

Microsoft Illumiroom Won't Make It For Xbox 720 Launch

Hoping to give Illumiroom a test run on your Xbox 720? It won't be available when you buy the console.

Kinect April 30, 2013

Kinect 2 Specs Leaked Ahead of PlayStation 4 Announcement

Just hours before the Sony meeting that is expected to showcase the PlayStation 4, information regarding Kinect 2 for the Xbox 720 managed to leak out on the Internet. If the if the leaked specs proves to be legitimate, playing with Kinect could finally be a fun activity.

Kinect February 20, 2013

Next Xbox May Require Always-On Kinect Connection, Auto Game Installs

Sony and Microsoft are expected to unveil their next-generation consoles soon and the rumor mill is busy as usual.

Kinect February 13, 2013

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