Apple External 5k Display And GPU On Development? Wants Devices To Be Future Ready?

Apple is reportedly developing a new external 5k display that has a powerful GPU on its screen.

MacBook June 3, 2016

Apple Siri coming to the Mac – Desktop application in the works

Apple has filed a patent application to bring Siri to OS X, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has revealed.

MacBook August 11, 2014

Apple iPads, MacBooks excluded from government procurement list as U.S. – China relations worsen over cyber-security

China has reportedly excluded a total of 10 Apple devices such as iPads and MacBooks from its latest government procurement list, citing cyber-security concerns.

MacBook August 7, 2014

Apple looking to pack 2014 MacBooks, iPads with IGZO displays

Apple is reportedly looking to switch to IGZO displays for its 2014 line of MacBooks and iPads, providing devices with improved clarity and reduced power consumption.

MacBook July 12, 2013

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