Snowden Felt Vindicated As NSA Pulls Back Surveillance

NSA recently pulls back its surveillance and the first person to feel joy with this recent move is Edward Snowden who leaked various types of information.

NSA May 1, 2017

Leaked NSA Spying Tools Puts Windows Server At Risk

A mysterious hacking group recently leaked what seems to be NSA's suspected spying tools.

NSA April 16, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Devices based on KNOX approved for U.S. government classified use

The NSA has officially approved a number of Samsung Galaxy devices based on KNOX for government use, concluding that they rise up to the necessary security standards.

NSA October 21, 2014

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus lock out the NSA and other government agencies

Apple has reportedly packed advanced encryption technology into its new-generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, locking out the NSA and other government agencies from accessing their data.

NSA September 28, 2014

Microsoft, Google suing the government over transparency permissions

Microsoft and Google have decided to proceed with litigation and sue the government over transparency.

NSA August 31, 2013

Def Con bans feds from attending this year’s hacker conference

In light of the whole PRISM debacle, for the first time ever Def Con organizers have asked the feds not to attend this year's hacker conference.

NSA July 12, 2013

No privacy: NSA collects phone records from millions of Verizon customers

A leaked top-secret court order reveals that phone records of millions of U.S. citizens are collected in bulk and indiscriminately under the Obama administration.

NSA June 7, 2013

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