WhatsApp Messages & Calls Can Be Exploited; Facebook Calls the Security Risk 'Normal'

Facebook's WhatsApp took a step further to protect its users' privacy by encrypting all messages and calls made using their app. However, reports suggest that WhatsApp may not be as secured as everybody perceived it to be.


WhatsApp End Support For Old Operating Systems Still Running On Selected Mobile Platforms; Possible New Features Coming [VIDEO]

WhatsApp will not be functioning anymore on selected mobile platforms that are running old operating systems. This is to pave way for new features that the messaging app is planning to deploy ---- urging old OS users to upgrade the newer versions.

whatsapp January 3, 2017

iPhone Unwrapped: 3 Must-Have Apps For Your New Apple iPhone

Got a new Apple iPhone for Christmas this year? Here are the three top apps for 2016 that you absolutely must download.

whatsapp December 28, 2016

5 Life Hacks To Reduce WhatsApp Mobile Data Usage

Find out some life hacks to reduce WhatsApp mobile data usage, as well as tips on choosing the right data bundle and updating your mobile settings.

whatsapp December 13, 2016

Whatsapp Beta Testing 'Quick Quotes' With An Additional Reply Arrow Button In App's Latest Android Version

TWhatsapp is beta testing its messaging application for quick quotes functionality. The reports suggest that Whatsapp has added a reply arrow button into its chat interface in order to help the users to reply to any particular message in their chats.

whatsapp June 13, 2016

WhatsApp Web desktop version now works with Mozilla Firefox, Opera as well

WhatsApp Web, the desktop version of the popular messaging service, has expanded its reach beyond Google's Chrome, now working on Firefox and Opera as well.

whatsapp February 28, 2015

WhatsApp for Android boosts security, gets TextSecure end-to-end encryption by default

WhatsApp has teamed up with Open Whispers Systems for the largest deployment of end-to-end encryption, significantly boosting security.

whatsapp November 19, 2014

How WhatsApp aims to help fight corruption within police force

The Delhi Police's Vigilance department has launched a new helpline dedicated to curbing corruption, where people can send audio and video clips through WhatsApp.

whatsapp August 11, 2014

Snapchat finally adds live chat for real-time conversations – WhatsApp, watch out!

Snapchat has finally added a live chat feature to its ephemeral messaging service, now allowing for real-time conversation.

whatsapp May 2, 2014

WhatsApp live voice calling service coming soon, in 2Q 2014

WhatsApp has announced at MWC that it will launch a new voice calling service in the second quarter of this year.

whatsapp February 24, 2014

WhatsApp update adds push-to-talk voice messaging, rolling out now

WhatsApp has added push-to-talk voice messaging, with an update rolling out now.

whatsapp August 7, 2013

WhatsApp now has over 250 million monthly users

WhatsApp is slowly become a billion dollar acquisition if growth continues.

whatsapp June 22, 2013

BBM Coming To Android And iOS: Could This Move Increase BlackBerry's Prospect?

Android and iOS users, prepare to ping your friends on BBM this summer.

whatsapp May 16, 2013

WhatsApp Surpasses Twitter In Most Active Users

WhatsApp is big, but who would have thought the messaging app would become bigger than Twitter?

whatsapp April 17, 2013

Rumor: Google on The Verge of Acquiring WhatsApp for $1 Billion

Google is working its way to grab WhatsApp in what could be the biggest acquisition of the year.

whatsapp April 8, 2013

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