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Mobile & Apps covers the latest news on mobile and personal technology, including smartphones, tablets, apps, laptops, mobile accessories, wearables, Mobile Games, App Games and more.

Mobile & Apps delivers cutting-edge, real time news on mobile technology, gadgets, software and innovation, and strives to offer the full global picture of how they have shaped and are continuing to influence our lives.

Our editorial team is committed to give readers by newest developments in mobile, tablets, apps, laptops, mobile accessories and more, and reporting on them in an easy-to- read format. We cover both important and fun topics.

We want to make readers that they can always rely on this site when it comes to the latest news about mobile and apps related news, and we want readers can commit to this website.

Mobile & Apps is based in Manhattan, New York.

Core Editorial Team

Mobile & Apps is driven by a passionate and dedicated editorial team:
Larry Hines (Larry@mobilenapps.com)
  • Alexandra Burlacu
  • Jazz Rosin
  • John Ray
  • Paulo Kevin
  • Edward Hawking

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