Google Pixel Battery Shutdown Issues Reported: What To Do When This Happens?

By Rommel
Dec 29, 2016 10:36 PM EST

Google Pixel has recently been released into the market and it received a lot of good reviews from technology experts worldwide. However, a haunting issue on its battery is surfacing, as per some users who have experienced early power shutdown for their mobile units. As investigated by the Google team, however, there is more to it than the battery issue as it seems like they drop significantly at the 30% battery level mark.

Google Pixel Battery Issue: Recently, the "Google Nexus 6P" users have been reporting such cases regarding early battery shutdowns for the same units as well. It seems like the first self-branded Google Smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL which were praised by a lot of experts have been criticized now by the battery performance.

Outrage on Reddit and Google Forums: The past few days have been turmoil for various forums around the internet with Reddit and Google's product forums becoming the avenue for complaints regarding the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. As per reports, they have been experiencing battery shutdown before the entire battery drains out.

Most of the users have experienced this when their battery is at 30% or less. One of the users confided: "I bought a 32-GB Google Pixel phone and in just a month, it is facing worrisome battery issues. In the last five days, it suddenly shuts down while I am doing something. This already happened twice and the battery was at around 25-35% level. I expect the phone to have lasted three to four hours more."

Battery Shutdown Issue Causes: According to the initial investigation, software issues may have caused the said battery shutdowns. As of the moment, it is told that it is very unlikely for the hardware to be the cause of the issue. For the previous version, Nexus 6P, the issues were seen when they upgraded their devices to Android 7.0 Nougat.

Google is looking into the possibility that this causes the issue for the Smartphone. It is an indicator that Android Nougat may be causing the battery issues as it is the common factor for all the devices.

Google Pixel Issues: What to Do When You Experience It? Track all the instances this happened. Make sure to check the battery level at which point you experienced it. Following the launch last October, the Pixel have gotten nod from critics but little by little, the issues keep popping. Users also report about audio and camera distortion issues, Bluetooth pairing problems and intermittent LTE connectivity.

How Google would turn this around is beyond all of their spectators. Here is a review of the Google Pixel batteries when it was launched earlier this year.

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