Facebook Is Reportedly Developing An App For Television Set-Top Boxes, Including Apple TV

Facebook is said to be developing an app for set-top boxes that would bring the social media giant closer to live video and video advertisements.

apps February 2, 2017

Ways Google Play Is Better Than Apple App Store

Here are ways in which Google Play is better than the Apple App Store.

apps January 30, 2017

Paid iPhone Apps That Are Now On Sale For Free, Includes Runtastic, Weather Gods & Continual

Some of the Paid iPhone Apps That Are Now On Sale For Free!

apps January 10, 2017

The Top 7 Health And Fitness App That Will Help You Acheive Your Goals In 2017

Here are the top 7 health and fitness apps according to Forbes.

apps January 10, 2017

The Tragic Fate Of Vine: Social Network Bound To Transition Into Camera App This Month; Fans React

Twitter will totally shut down Vine on January 17. Viners need to download their Vines before the said date as downloading will be blocked when Vine becomes Vine Camera.

apps January 6, 2017

9 Helpful & Enjoyable 'iPhone' Apps That Were Priced But Free For Download Now

Save money by downloading these free 'iPhone apps' rather than buying it. These apps are both helpful and convenient for use depending on the person's need and preferences.

apps January 4, 2017

iPhone Accessory Kissenger Redefines Long Distance Romance; Lets You And Your Partner Make Out From Miles Away

The birth of the Kissenger system means we now live in a world where literally making out with a smartphone is socially acceptable.

apps December 27, 2016

Grab Some Of The Holiday Item Packs Featured In 'Pokemon Go' Before Christmas Is Over

Holiday item packs are available for purchase for "Pokemon Go" for players celebrating Christmas and this special holiday. These are only limited item so it is recommended to those who plan to purchase it to buy it as soon as possible.

apps December 27, 2016

‘Super Mario Run’ Updates: iOS And Android Users Can Get Full Version For Free

"Super Mario Run" full version may be downloaded by iOS and Android users without paying $10.

apps December 27, 2016

Google's New Gboard Keyboard Promises Users Fun & Freedom

The New Google Keyboard "Gboard" that will delight Android users.

apps December 23, 2016

Paid Apple Apps Now Available For Free: 11 iOS Paid Apps Are Now Free To Download; For A Limited Time Only!

Eleven normally paid Apple apps are now free to download for a limited amount of time. The list is a decent one, which includes practical apps such as MailTime Pro and Magic Launcher Pro.

apps December 16, 2016

Counting Calories and Photo Recognition

Take a picture of your food and count your calories with this brand new app!

apps June 4, 2015

Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows 8 might not be for you (Review)

Want a touch optimized version of Adobe Photoshop? Then Adobe Photoshop Express could be for you, or not.

apps June 5, 2013

Facial recognition coming to Google Glass, could trigger more privacy concerns

For those who fear Google Glass, it's time to grab the pitchforks.

apps May 29, 2013

Google and Microsoft team up to bring official YouTube app to Windows Phone

Windows Phone fans can rejoice - the official YouTube app is incoming.

apps May 27, 2013

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