Samsung Galaxy S7 Sport To Be Unveiled Soon? Leaked Info Suggests Exynos 8890 Processor With 12MP Camera

18 May 2016, 7:44 am EDT By Dheeraj R Mobile & Apps

The latest smartphone leak on the Indian import and export website, Zauba, has raised the speculations that the South Korean manufacturer, Samsung, will soon launch its new flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S7 Sport. According to the reports, the technology giant is currently testing its latest device under a different name.  

"Samsung's latest device, dubbed the Samsung SM-G880, appeared on Zauba," reported GameNGuide. "The website doesn't offer much information, but it does reveal the device is for R&D Purpose & Evaluation & Not for Retail Sale. This would mean that the phone is either heading towards testing or that it will soon appear in certification records."

Also, few analysts have dug deep down on the model numbers of the previous smartphones launched by the company. They have reached the conclusion that the latest anonymous device trending all over the internet might really be Samsung Galaxy S7 Sport.

"The Galaxy S7 was model G930, the S7 Edge was G935 and according to recent benchmark tests, the Galaxy S7 Active is called model G891," reported Softpedia. "Rumors say the upcoming phone could be the successor to Galaxy S5 Sport, which was Samsung model G870. This indicates that the upcoming G880 will be the Galaxy S7 Sport."

With all the rumors about the upcoming device from the popular Korean smartphone manufacturer, few reports have also advocated the specs that the new phone will boast. UberGizmo reported that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Sport will be more durable and budget-friendly as compared to its predecessors.

Further, there are reports that the device will consist of Exynos 8890 Processor for fast mobile operations. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Sport device is also rumored to consist of similar design like Galaxy S6 Sport with dust and water proofing. It will also consist of 4GB RAM as well as a 12-megapixel camera.

Besides, the speculations suggest that the latest Samsung device will be sold by Sprint in the U.S markets, as AT&T already has the contract to sell the Galaxy S7 Active, reported The Mobile Indian.

In addition to the specs, the rumors suggested that the upcoming new Samsung Galaxy S7 Sport would be priced for around $477 and thus would be positioned between the flagship and mid-range smartphones.

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