Night School's 'Mr. Robot' Mobile Game Takes You To The World Of Fsociety

25 August 2016, 7:20 am EDT By Jazz Rosin Mobile & Apps

The critically acclaimed drama-thriller series "Mr. Robot" gets its own mobile game adaptation, and it is not your ordinary game.

The "Mr. Robot" game, oddly titled "Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.apk," is developed by Night School Studio, makers of the critically-acclaimed supernatural thriller "Oxenfree," and in partnership with Telltale Games.

The game starts when the player seemingly picks up someone else's phone. The player, after booting up the E Corp messaging app and reading and replying to some messages, gets an aggravated message from the owner of the phone. She badly needs a file on her phone and she wants it now.

For fans of the "Mr. Robot" series, they may recognize Darlene, the owner of the phone, as the sister of Elliot Anderson, the protagonist of the TV thriller.

It turns out that Darlene is a member of the hacking collective "fsociety", and what follows next is a whirlwind week of social engineering and a compelling text-driven story, conducted by the player.

On the onset, the game will look like a simple messaging app, until the players start receiving messages from different people, mostly from the characters from the show. Players will be asked to do various things, like uploading files and talking to key people at E Corp, among others.

Blurring the lines between games and reality, players will find themselves constantly looking at their phone, anticipating the next message to come and drive the story forward.

Its charm, apart from being true to the thrill of the TV series, is the way the messages arrive on the player's phone. It is not a game players can finish in one sitting.

Like normal messages, players would have to wait for them to be recieved, and depending on the player's previous answers, some may come a few hours apart.

The cleverly written game will pull fans of "Mr. Robot," but those who are not familiar with the series will still definitely enjoy the experience and may even become enticed to binge-watching all current "Mr. Robot" episodes.

"Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.apk" is available on Google Play and iTunes.

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