'Southpark: The Fractured But Whole' News: Canceled Or Censored? App Goes Missing On Steam Australia

26 August 2016, 7:50 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

Ubisoft's next parody-fest "Southpark: The Fractured but Whole" game goes missing on Steam for Australia. Does this mean that the game is going to get censored or blocked?

Alex Walker of Kotaku Australia reported that the game went missing from Steam for Australians. It wasn't showing up on either the the desktop version of the website, the mobile version, and even the app itself.

When the folks from Kotaku Australia tried to find the direct link from everywhere else in the world, it ended up showing a page where it said that the game is not available for Australians.

Redditors discussed the matter and one user reported that the "Southpark: The Fracture but Whole" did vanish. Australia's Classification Board is yet to rate the game leaving the awaiting fans clueless with the sudden disappearance of the game in the store listing.

Ubisoft also didn't make any official announcement about the game being censored or blocked on certain countries including Australia, leaving more fans confused with the situation.

However, "Southpark: The Fractured but Whole" game is still visible on Ubisoft Australia webpage along with its December 6 release date.

It could be remembered that Australia did the same thing with "Southpark: The Stick of Truth" with a huge number of scenes being censored. Disappointed fans came up with a way to fully experience the game with a European/Australian uncensor patch later.

Aside from "The Stick of Truth," there are tons of other games that got banned from Australia like "Manhunt," "Postal," "Saints Row IV" and even "The Witcher." Redditors aren't really surprised with what happened, but it did show their disappointment.

Kotaku Australia already reached out to Ubisoft Australia for a confirmation regarding the status of the game's release, but as of press time, no update has been provided yet on either Kotaku Australia or Ubisoft's social media outlets for Australia.

Be sure to check with us to get updates about "Southpark: The Fractured but Whole."

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