iOS 10 Already Jailbroken? Hacker Shows A Working Jailbreak On iOS 10 Beta 8

6 September 2016, 10:01 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

After the recent Apple updates, the iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak tool from Pangu was rendered useless and shortlived. Fortunately for those hoping to get their devices jailbroken but won't risk not updating, the iOS 10 Jailbreak might arrive sooner than expected.

Luca Todesco surprised the Internet when the iOS hacker suddenly showed up revealed what seems to be a working iOS 10 Jailbreak for the Beta 8 version. On the video below, the hacker shows the device on iOS 10 and at the same time, jailbroken.

The hacker demonstrated a 64-bit jailbreak in an iPad Pro.

The jailbreak tool was called "yaluX" and it was activated using the app from the Home Screen. The app is just sideloaded with an integrated jailbreak injection code written the Todesco himself.

The jailbreaking process was easy that it only involved a single click. Once installed, Cydia can be accessed in the same manner afterwards by going to the Home Screen.

Simply put, Todesco's jailbreak method for the iOS 10 Beta 8 is similar to the semi-untethered jailbreak solution for the iOS 9.3.3. This prevents the device from experiencing issues and crashes with jailbreak-enabled apps.

However, there had been reported problems with Cydia uninstalling itself away from iOS 10 and some deemed that this due to the incompatibility. Saurik, the guy behind Cydia is already aware with the situation as everybody could expect, but with the current state of iOS 10, no actions may be taken yet.

There's no reassurance as to when iOS 10 will be fully jailbroken at this point, but it is good to know that Pangu has promised that once iOS 10 gets officially rolled out, working on the jailbreak tool proceeds. The jailbreaking community can draw some hope from Todesco's work at the moment instead.

Stay tuned for more iOS jailbreaking scene news, updates, and rumors.

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