'Dishonored 2' Guide: Painting Locations For Each Mission

12 November 2016, 7:30 am EST By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

With "Dishonored 2" finally released, the game offers a number of hidden goodies. One of the trickier parts of these secrets are the paintings, which will actually help players get plenty of coins in-game. Here's a quick guide on how to get every painting.

For those who haven't played the game yet, be warned as even if we tried our best to keep this guide spoiler free, it still has the potential to do so, so read through at your own risk.

Mission 1: There are two painting in this mission. The first one can be found on the right side after leaving the corridor. The second one is inside Galvanni building. In the streets, this building can be found in the form of a small apartment inside the second room.

Mission 2: The first painting in this mission can be found at the canal area. It is at the second floor of the single apartment building. The second painting is located at the 3rd floor of Overseer Building near the safe. The third one is at Hypatia's building along the main hallway.

Mission 3: The first one is at the Wall of Light. The second painting is at the basement where the player can find a rune. The player needs to go through the elevator shaft using Blink

Mission 4: There are four painting scattered in this mission. One is at the balcony, another at the mayor's office, one at Upper Avent District and one at Jindosh's bathroom.

Mission 5: The painting can be found inside the condemned building after Wall of Light, Breanna Ashworth's office and in the basement after unlocking Archives.

Mission 6: Two painting can be found at Paolo apartments and Crone's Hand Saloon. The last one could be found at the 44th floor of Overseer building

Mission 7: A painting could be found at the dining room through the vault door.

Mission 8: A painting can be found at the apartment with a windmill. Another can also be found along the piano on the 3rd floor and the last one is at the large open office.

Final Mission: The last painting can be acquired by passing three grave hounds below Gazebo.

Stay tuned for more "Dishonored 2" secrets, tips, guides, and cheats here.

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