There Is Still Hope For 'No Man's Sky' After Issues Wtih Latest Update; Here's What Has Changed

28 November 2016, 8:30 am EST By J Rose Mobile & Apps

It looks like there is still hope left for the folks at Hello Games, despite tons of issues that came their way. This week, the indie studio is keen to bounce back with its huge update for "No Man's Sky."

Breaking their silence after more than three months, the developer has finally spoken about the game on their blog earlier this week, announcing that they have prepared a big update they dubbed the "Foundation Update."

"We're calling it The Foundation Update because we have added the foundations of base building, and also because this is putting in place a foundation for things to come." Hello Games explained.

Judging from the lengthy patch notes they have put up recently, there is no doubt that they have definitely been working on a lot of fixes for the game.

So what's new in the latest patch? There's a long list of changes and tweaks but these make up the meat of the update, as stated on the Playstation Blog.

New Game Modes

Hello Games has introduced three new game modes to "No Man's Sky": Normal mode, Creative mode, which focuses on base building, and Survival mode, which as the name implies is a much more challenging experience for the player. These new modes are comparable to Mojang's sandbox game "Minecraft."

Base Building

Definitely one of the most interesting additions to the game is the Base Building feature, wherein players can build their very own space base, decked out with a farm and a research facility, among others.

And, just like "Minecraft," players can be as creative as they wanted to be, opening a whole new world of possibilities. The base mechanic will also fit perfectly with the new Survival Mode, as players can build and research essential items such as save points and other useful equipment.

Our Thoughts

We still can't let Hello Games get away with all the misinformation and the deafening silence that followed just yet, but the "Foundation Update" may just help them get back on track and make "No Man's Sky" the great game that it's supposed to be.

A huge chunk of the fanbase has either asked for a refund or sold their copies already, so there's no telling if Hello Games will gain that part of the community back. But for those who remained patient, the update may just be the change that they need to get back into the game.

We are truly hoping that Hello Games has learned its lesson, and this huge update is not a one-off. On the other hand, the final verdict will only be given once the update is live.

Will "No Man's Sky" rise again? We will find out soon enough.

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