'The Last Guardian' Spoilers: Watch The First Nine Minutes Of The Game Here

29 November 2016, 7:47 am EST By J Rose Mobile & Apps

"The Last Guardian" is finally within our reach after such a long wait. In fact, a recent gameplay video posted online confirms its highly-anticipated release.

The game's first nine minutes of gameplay was recently showcased during a live Nico Nico stream done by Japanese publication Dengeki PlayStation, according to Playstation Lifestyle.

The video showcases some of "The Last Guardian"'s puzzle platforming gameplay, and will give the players a sneak peek into the game's beautiful world.

The full video is shown here, accompanied with some Japanese commentary. If you have been successfully avoiding "The Last Guardian" spoilers for the past nine years, then it will be wise to look away. But if you're cool with minor spoilers, then feel free to check out the footage below (via Dualshockers).

The long wait is finally over, and the release date of the much anticipated game "The Last Guardian" is just around the corner. But will it meet all expectations?

For Fumito Ueda, the creator of "The Last Guardian," the game's development has been along journey, but not without its usual bumps and hurdles. Now that the end of the road is reachable, even Ueda himself cannot believe that his creation will finally be played by tons of excited fans.

"Even though the game is on its way to being boxed up and going into stores and being delivered to players, it hasn't really sunk in yet for me," Ueda told Engadget in an interview. "I haven't been able to digest the fact that it's all done and completed."

Ueda said that Team Ico has achieved exactly what he wants "The Last Guardian" to be. "It has been carried out pretty much how I envisioned it from day one," Ueda told The Verge in a separate interview.

"The Last Guardian" will finally arrive on Dec. 6, and with the level of quality that Ueda and Team Ico have delivered, fans will surely say that the game is definitely worth the wait.

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