Surface Phone To Be Microsoft's 'Last Roll Of The Dice'? New Device To Feature Three Variants With All-Metal Design, Stylus Pen, & Detachable Keyboard?

2 December 2016, 6:50 am EST By Kirsten Kane Mobile & Apps

Fans have been waiting for the Microsoft Surface Phone for a long time already but it seems like the long wait will finally be over soon as latest reports suggest that it will be available for public early next year. However some reports state that it will arrive in 2018.

According to Yahoo Tech, "the Surface Phone has already entered trial production under ODM Pegatron, the same company that manufactures Apple's iPhones and Microsoft's Surface Studio."

It has been said that Microsoft is not very successful with mobile as they had a hard time getting a significant amount of market share unlike Apple and Google which presently lead the industry.

In connection to this, the Surface Phone will possibly be "the last roll of the dice for Microsoft. Despite the company making much of Windows 10 Mobile, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL weren't able to carry Microsoft to mobile glory. Now, Microsoft needs to launch a perfect phone that can convert already invested iOS and Android users to Windows," as reported by Trusted Reviews.

Microsoft CEO Natya Nadella in an interview with Australia Financial Review shared the company's plan on making an impressive return in the smartphone scene.

"We don't want to be driven by just envy of what others have, the question is what can we bring? That's where I look at any device form factor or any technology, even AI," said Nadella. "We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by today's market leaders, but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device."

Meanwhile, the upcoming device is expected to come out in three variants with 3GB or 8GB of RAM and an all metal design.

It is said to run on a Windows 10 operating system and powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

Other features expected are the 5.7 inch Quad HD display and a fingerprint scanner. An 8 megapixel front camera and 21 megapixel rear camera is projected as well together with a stylus pen and a detachable keyboard.

Microsoft still has to give its official statement regarding the long-rumored Surface Phone.

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