Google’s New OS: Android Things For Smart Devices

14 December 2016, 10:58 pm EST By Portia Mae M. Cansancio Mobile & Apps

A lot of smart devices are competing to fill up people's homes and make daily tasks easier for them. Now, Google wishes to include Android with their next wave of smart home devices: Android Things, the newest Android operating system that can run on devices such as security cameras, internet routers, and even connected speakers.

Android Things may be a new name, but it isn't entirely new --- basically, it is a rebranding and an update to Brillo, an Android-based OS for smart devices. But when the "Internet of Things" products were released approximately more than a year ago, Brillo has gone nowhere publicly; it simply wasn't the talk of the town and it was even a no-show at CES last year.

Unlike Brillo, the development on Android Things can be done with, according to Google, the same developer tools as a standard Android. Hopefully, it will become easier now for tenured developers to speed up and start working on a new product. The rebranding also marks a key update, which is meant to make product development with Android Things much easier.

Android Things is naked to one's eye as well. It works in the background to make smart devices manage complex tasks, so there will be no need to offload them to servers for processing. Moreover, it is best suitable for larger and more capable smart home devices such as ovens, printers, and digital locks other than light bulbs and power outlets.

Although Android Things is set to conform on both Android and iOS devices, it isn't a method for connecting smart home devices. It can, however, via Weave --- a related, but completely different communication system that Google launched with Brillo back in 2015, according to THE VERGE.

Google only seemed to have little success with Brillo --- indicating that this rebranding and Google pushing for Android Things to be successful might not be that vivid yet. Android Things is also an easier sell, but it would still depend on the partners that Google are working with for this venture to boom in the market.

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